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I went to West Point for my bachelors, Columbia for my Masters, and had multiple army led courses and this ranks as one of the best, most engaging courses that I have ever had.

Course taken: Analyst’s Notebook Premium Complete Training Course

William Jacobs, US Army

The course material looked overwhelming in the beginning. However as the lessons went on, I realized the next topic was just adding on from the previous. Very good job of organizing the material. It was laid out in an organized manor and never really jumped from one topic to another without a smooth transition. It was a fast paced course, but the instructor was always willing to slow down when one of us started to fall behind. His instruction helped me to not only understand the material, but to really internalize and excel with it. Before the class I had the expectation that I would pass, but during the course, just passing wasn’t the goal. My goal was to really understand and exceed my expectations. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Course taken: CIPP/G Certification Training | Certified Information Privacy Professional Training (US Government)

Kenneth Paul, AMX DS

The course was awesome, the professor (teacher) was awesome, and the material provided in class (books/material), and even the food catered was great. This was the best boot camp I have ever attended. The professor knew his material, didn’t read from the slides, and really had the entire class engaged.

Course taken: Optical Networking Training Overview Course

Christin Argo, DSS

Very thorough, there was a lot of material to cover and I felt that it was paced very well… I appreciated the “REAL LIFE” examples of how to identify and resolve issues. I had been through the materials and this helped me absorb the information. Personally, I was lacking in some of my technical knowledge, but not anymore.

Course taken: 5G Wireless Training | 5G A Comprehensive Technical Overview

Cris Bonser, FedEx