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I have attended 4 othe workshops like this but ENO’s is by far the best one and I already have recommended them to my colleagues and other IT Professionals. I believe that a students learning experience is reflective of the teacher’s aptitude and knowledge on the subject and the skill to covey the information. Great instructor, great class.

Course taken: MIL-1553 Training | MIL-STD-1553 Training Course

Timothy Toyman, DOD

Without any question, ENO has the most gifted individual instructors. Our instructor for this class was both an excellent educator and a premier/world class security expert. He was able to clearly explain and impart to the students, the most complicated security techniques I have ever heard of or imagined. I simply can not find the words to recommend him and ENO security training more highly.

Course taken: Security Essentials/ICS Security/SCADA Systems Security

Thomas White , Jacksonville State University

Course materials were phenomenal and I was super impressed with the instructor. He is the man. I can’t thank him enough. I couldn’t have passed this test without him, he guided us through what to expect and helped calm our test anxiety by repetition and answering questions and going out of his way to help any time it was needed. When I have another Infosec class, I’d request his classes. And it was fun!! I just can’t say enough good things about this course and ENO in general. Jim was excellent and super helpful and responsive, the help desk team, amazing work. Thank you.

Course taken: Computer Forensics/CEH v10

Stephanie Thompson, GE

Since not too many companies do RF safety training, we were glad to have found Enowireless after a long search. They put together a web seminar that catered to our company’s own needs. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. At the end of the class, everyone felt quite confident about their work with RF. The customer service staff was very helpful and easy to work with. All in all, Enowireless provided us with expert training and outstanding service. We look forward to using them again for our RF safety, IPv6 and other training needs.

Course taken: RF Safety/IPv6

Sandra Molyneux, Raytheon - Manager