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5G Wireless Training Workshop

5G Wireless Training Workshop


Bluetooth 5.0 Training Workshop

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5G Wireless Training Workshop, A Comprehensive Technical Overview Training with Hands-on Exercises (Online, Onsite and Classroom Live)

5G Wireless Training, (5th generation wireless systems or mobile networks) covers next major phase of wireless and mobile telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G/IMT-Advanced standards. This 5G Wireless Training Workshop introduces most dominant technologies and architectures in near future which make 5G technology. 5G networks are expected to roll out broadly after 2020.

5G Wireless Training Workshop | 5G A Comprehensive Technical Overview course also covers the fundamental 5G wireless communications including, channels, RF circuits, antennas, propagation, and issues surrounding emerging 5G wireless LAN and cellular/backhaul applications. Compared with 4G/LTE cellular systems, 5G wireless communication systems (5G) are expected to provide higher spectral and energy efficiency and area throughput growth. Learn the key 5G wireless communication networks cellular architecture and key technologies for 5G communication networks.

Your Registration Includes:

  • 4 Days of 5G Wireless Training from an Authorized Instructor
  • Official 5G Wireless Training Student Guide
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Audience/Target Group:

  • Technical and management personnel whose job requires an understanding of the evolving 5G technology and applications

5G Wireless Training Workshop – Objectives:

Upon completing this 5G Wireless Training Workshop course, learners will be able to meet these objectives:

  • Describe what 5G is
  • List the 5G wireless features and their benefits (5G wireless communication networks)
  • Describe key 5G technology drivers and enablers of 5G
  • List 5G technology candidates in RAN/radio, transport, core networks, interoperability and services
  • List 5G Wireless Use Cases
  • List User-Driven 5G Requirements
  • Describe ITU  5G standards (IMT2020) along with NGMN alliance and 3GPP
  • Describe 3GPP LTE/LTE-A evolution towards 5G
  • Walk through current and future deployment of 5G scenarios
  • Co-Existence of LTE End-to-End Ecosystem with 5G
  • List similarities and differences between 5G Radio Access and LTE
  • Learn how 5G wireless networks could support up to 1,000-fold gains in capacity
  • List requirements to connect 100 billion human and devices with a 10 Gb/s speed with zero-distance connectivity
  • Describe new 5G Radio Access Technology Interworking with LTE
  • List 3GPP Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA), Narrowband- Internet of Things (NB-IoT), and Enhanced Device to Device (DD) requirements
  • Explain LTE-Advanced Pro and 3GPP roadmap to 5G
  • New Radio (NR), Cloud RAN: Cloud- Radio Access Network (C-RAN) and Next Generation (NexGen) architecture
  • Illustrate 5G wireless communication networks cellular architecture and key technologies
  • Illustrate 5G network architecture and components
  • Describe the operation scenarios of 5G
  • Explain the key RF, PHY, MAC and air interface changes required to support 5G
  • Describe features supporting 5G wireless deployments
  • Discuss the rationale for 5G wireless and key deployment typologies
  • Outline changes required to implement 5G
  • Learn about features of Massive MIMO

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