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Integration and Mobile Solutions

Integration and Mobile Solutions

Ensuring Equipment and Applications Interability

ENO Wireless Integration Services Group tests and evaluates next-generation technologies to ensure they interoperate properly with existing systems and deliver on product claims. Especially for large-scale technology implementations, ENO advice on integration issues can be crucial to keeping deployment schedules and equipment budgets on track.

To enhance service to users and provide value to wireless operators, ENO often weaves world-class applications together with wireless network elements. ENO Wireless frequently selects superior stand-alone offerings from individual vendors and connects them to form a highly effective, reliable end-to-end solution.

ENO currently focuses on:

  • Vendor-specific system integration projects
  • IMS service delivery architectures
  • Applications Development
  • Applications Integration
  • E911 Design and Implementation
  • Integration Implementation
  • Integration Planning
  • IP Core Migration Optimization
  • Network/Application Platform Consolidation
  • Packet Data Architecture
  • Push to Talk
  • SMS/MMS Design and Deployment
  • Testing and Validation
  • Transport and VoIP Networks
  • Wireless Data Performance Assurance
  • Wireless Data Service Quality Management
  • Wireless Number Portability
  • Wireless Portal Revenue Improvement


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