LTE Optimization Training

LTE Optimization Training

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LTE Optimization Training Course with Hands-On Exercises (Online, Onsite and Classroom Live)

This LTE Optimization Training course undertakes an in-depth study of the LTE performance and optimization procedures. We begin with a review of the physical air interface and LTE eNodeB KPI’s. The LTE accessibility KPI’s, including a review of the 3GPP functionality procedures regarding accessibility, are studied next.

This is followed by a discussion of the retainability KPI’s and handover overview. The LTE Optimization Training course ends with an examination of the integrity KPI’s concerning throughput and delay, coordinated with appropriate cell planning tuning and optimization.

Duration: 4 days

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Customize It:

  • If some of your participants lack the necessary WCDMA/LTE background, we can teach an extended five-day course that includes WCDMA principles, LTE overview, and LTE air interface techniques.
  • Add a workshop day at the end of the LTE Optimization Training course, for a total of five days, for a deeper dive into capacity planning optimization and cell coverage corrections/optimization

LTE Optimization Training – Audience/Target Group

  • Technical personnel with a good LTE background who wish to enhance their understanding of LTE performance and optimization techniques.

LTE Optimization Training – Class Prerequisites:

  • LTE/SAE Technology
  • LTE Air Interface  Techniques
  • LTE  Signaling
  • LTE Functionality
  • UMTS-FDD (UMTS-FDD, 3 days)

The UMTS course, or equivalent knowledge/experience, is required; the LTE overview is recommended.

LTE Optimization Training – Objectives:

After completing this LTE Optimization Training course, attendees will be able to:

  • List LTE RF Optimization Objectives
  • Understand Network and RF Optimization Processes
  • Understand the impact of the LTE capacity and coverage issues
  • Perform site build verification and site level acceptance
  • Examine LTE link budgets to calculate the typical link budget reference points
  • Model and Analyze KPIs, investigation and improvement of network quality problems
  • Learn how Radio Planning and Optimization of an LTE network helps to troubleshoot and improve defined KPIs
  • List key parameters and operations related to Inter-RAT deployment
  • Implement new features and tuning LTE radio network parameters
  • Analysis of neighbor relations and implementation of corrections
  • Understand RSRP and RSRQ measurements applied to LTE RAN RF performance
  • Understand coverage and capacity tradeoff requirements to archive optimal radio network design
  • Apply multiple antenna techniques to optimize coverage and performance

LTE RF Optimization Training – Course Outlines:

Introduction to LTE/SAE

    • Evolution of wireless networks
    • 3GPP releases to date
    • EPS (E-UTRAN and EPC) logical architecture
    • EPS interfaces
    • EPC (Evolved Packet Core) architecture
    • SAE/LTE interfaces

Physical Layer Procedures

    • Synchronization procedures
    • Timing synchronization
    • Radio link monitoring
    • Intercell synchronization
    • Power control:  Uplink/downlink
    • Random access procedures:  Preample selection
    • Channel quality:  Channel Quality Indication (CQI) Report
    • Precoding Matrix Indicators (PMI)
    • Rank Indicator (RI)
    • LTE eNodeB performance KPI’s
    • Parameter optimizing and procedures revising
    • Case studies:  Analyzing optimization problems

LTE Functionality Review

    • Idle mode overview
    • Cell selection process:  Criteria; normally camping
    • Cell reselection evaluation process
    • System information
    • RRC connection establishment procedure
    • RRC/NAS security procedures
    • RRC/NAS E_RAB establishment procedure
    • LTE accessibility KPI’s
    • Scheduler and cell planning correlation
    • Cell planning review for accessibility optimization
    • Parameter tuning
    • Case studies:  Analyzing optimization problems

LTE Mobility Functionality Review

    • LTE measurements and events
    • Event triggered handovers
    • Event triggered Release with Redirect
    • Event triggered cell reselection
    • Inter System Handovers (LTE to GSM, LTE to WCDMA)
    • LTE retainability KPI’s
    • VoLTE introduction
    • CS Fallback
    • 3GPP features and performance enhancements
    • LTE KPI’s for optional features
    • Cell planning review for retainability optimization
    • Radio features to improve mobility performance
    • Parameter tuning
    • Case studies:  Analyzing optimization problems

LTE Throughput and Integrity Review

    • MAC protocol architecture
    • LTE cell planning process
    • LTE throughput evaluation non cell edge
    • LTE average throughput calculations
    • Link adaptation function
    • Feedback reports (PMI, CQI)
    • Power control
    • LTE throughput KPI’s
    • Cell planning review for integrity optimization
    • Parameter tuning
    • Case studies:  Analyzing optimization problems

LTE Network Optimization

    • LTE cell capacity KPI’s
    • LTE cell operability KPI’s
    • LTE X2-S1 interface KPI’s
    • Parameter tuning

Course Wrap-up : Recap and Discussion

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