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RF Training Courses

RF Training Courses

RF Training Course or Radio Frequency Training Fundamentals Course with Hands-on Labs (Online, Onsite and Classroom Live)

RF training courses

RF System:

RF systems come in a bewildering variety of forms and technologies, including satellite and terrestrial, mobile and fixed, microwave, trunked radio, HF/VHF, Blue-Tooth, and RF ID, to name a few. While these systems are diverse in design and function, they all employ radio waves as a means of communication and thus utilize concepts and techniques that are fundamental to all RF systems.

In this RF Training course, you will learn how radio waves propagate and fade, the models that describe RF propagation and fading, how antennas work and are used, the basic traffic engineering models, the principles of RF design and optimization including traffic engineering, and the process of deploying an RF system. At the end of the RF Training course, you will have a solid foundation in the concepts, principles, methods, and considerations common to all RF systems. You will then be well prepared to embark on a more detailed study of your specialized interest in RF, whether cellular/mobile, microwave, HF/VHF, satellite, or other

We provides high-quality RF Training or Radio Frequency Training programs for government agencies, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Our RF Training courses are specifically designed by experts in the field, and the material is continuously updated with the latest information and market trends. RF Fundamentals qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEU) and for the acceptance of Professional Development Hours (PDH) activities submitted by PE’s for Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) credit.

RF Training – Resources:

  • RF Training Course Study Guide by United States Navy – Kindle/Amazon
  • RF Training Course Study Guide by Klaus Finkenzeller – Hardcover/Amazon
  • RF Training Study Guide by U.S. Navy – Paperback/Kindle – Amazon
  • RF systems Guide by Mark Brown, Sam Patadia, et al. – Kindle/Paperback /Amazon
  • RF systems Complete Guide by Naval Education & Training Center – Paperback/Amazon
  • Radio Frequency Training Guide by Patrick J. Sweeney – Paperback/Kindle /Amazon
  • Radio Frequency Training Guide by WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, NEVADA TEST SITE, et al. – LooseLeaf/Amazon
  • Radio Frequency Training Guide by Naval Education and Training Command – Hardcover /Amazon
  • Radio Frequency Training Guide by Edward Balkovich – Hardcover /Amazon
  • Radio Frequency Training Guide by U.S. Air Force – Paperback /Amazon
  • Radio Frequency Training Guide by ZHOU ZHI PING ZHU SUN ZI WEN – Hardcover /Amazon

RF training courses cover the fundamental RF concepts and advanced RF engineering principles. We show you how to plan, architect, design, develop, troubleshoot and maintain RF systems and applications. ENO Wireless RF Training courses include: Basic and Advanced RF Training Courses, RF Engineering Training Workshop Course, Advanced RF Training Courses, and Antenna Engineering Training.

Technicians and Engineers new to the field of RF and RF engineering, managers, or anyone else responsible for RF planning, RF Design, Deployment related to wireless, cellular and mobile networks, microwave, satellite communications, RADAR or other, will benefit from RF courses. ENO Wireless RF courses can be customized to your needs and specifications.

Current RF Training Courses include: RF Training 101, Advanced RF Training, RF Engineering Training Bootcamp, antenna design, modulation, RF system design , RF performance and optimization, propagation and Microwave communications.

Wrap-Up: RF Training  or Radio Frequency Training

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