ZigBee Applications Training

ZigBee Applications Training

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ZigBee Applications Training Course by Example

ZigBee is a short range wireless technology targeted at telemetry, measurement, control and monitoring. It is very low power and ideally suited for this marketplace. This ZigBee Applications Training course examines the use of ZigBee and it’s application

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ZigBee Applications Training


Duration: 2 days


After completing this course, attendees will be able to:

Understand the driving forces for using ZigBee
◾Appreciate the relative contributions of the IEEE and the ZigBee Alliance
◾Receive an overview of the main features of ZigBee
◾Gain knowledge of the extent of work on Smart Energy, Healthcare and Building Management Profiles

Course Outlines:

A ZigBee Refresher
◾15.4 standards
◾Review of Wireless standards
◾Wireless networking basics
◾What is ZigBee/802.15.4?
◾Networking capabilities
◾Data rates, ranges
◾Bluetooth vs ZigBee
◾Target markets and applications

The ZigBee Alliance and Profiles
◾What are profiles?
◾Smart Energy
◾Energy Management
◾The PICS Proforma

ZigBee and Security
◾Wireless security issues
◾ZigBee Security modes

ZigBee Smart Energy
◾Public and Private HANs
◾The ZigBee Smart Energy Profile Specification
◾Energy Service Portal
◾Stack Profile Requirements
◾Startup Attribute Set
◾Network Startup Sequence
◾Specific Security Requirements and Operation for Smart Energy
◾Recommenced Practices
◾Smart Energy Device Types
◾Energy Service Portal
◾Metering Device
◾Display Device
◾Communicating Thermostat
◾Load Control Device
◾Range Extender
◾Smart Appliance
◾Prepayment Terminal Device
◾The Smart Energy PICS

ZigBee Healthcare
◾The Marketplace
◾Chronic Disease Monitoring
◾Personal Wellness
◾Personal Fitness
◾Example Healthcare products
◾The ZigBee Public Application Profile

ZigBee Building Automation
◾The Marketplace
◾Product Areas

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